About Us

About Our Company

About Us:

Malloul Farms is a trading company specialized in the trade of high-quality foodstuffs, and it is one of the activities of the Spark Trading Company located in Dahr Al Ahmar – Rashaya District – Lebanon, registered in the Commercial Register under No. 4009379 in 2020.

The commercial name “Malloul Farms” was inspired by the Malloul tree, which is one of the evergreen perennial trees. It is characterized by the hardness of its wood and has a high value in preserving environmental diversity due to its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is considered one of the trees that spread historically in the eastern Lebanon mountain range.

Our Goals:

  •  Providing a wide and healthy food basket of products that are guaranteed quality and safety and that meet the needs and expectations of customers.




  • Developing a long-term partnership Developing with suppliers and farmers who adhere to environmental, health and food safety standards.




  • Increasing our market share and expanding our business in creative and effective ways.


  • Using the latest methods and tools to ensure the ease, speed and security of the purchase, payment, shipping, receiving and delivery process.


  • Providing distinguished and satisfactory customer service by listening to their needs and desires and responding quickly to complaints and suggestions.

Who We Are:

  • The company aims to provide the best food products to consumers at reasonable prices and high quality under different brands.

  • We always strive to adhere to the highest standards of quality and food safety and observing the correct storage conditions and factors.

  • Our vision is to become the first reference in the field of food trade and to be the first choice for customers looking for high quality products, reasonable prices and excellent service.




                       Company Values:


We are honest in everything we say and do, and we respect the rights of our customers and partners.


We work transparently in all our relations with our customers and partners, and we make clear to them all the details related to the products and services that we offer.


We work in a spirit of cooperation with our customers and partners and benefit from their expertise.


We take responsibility for all our products and services, and we seek to correct any errors or omissions that may occur.

Other Activites: